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Transportation to and from Isleta El Espino
and around Nicaragua
By boat to the island

Boat service from Marina Cocibolca for check-in and check-out is included in your reservation. Since Isleta El Espino is an island, we will need to know the approximate time you wish to be picked up in our boat from Marina Cocibolca for your arrival.


Additional boat service during your stay will be charged at a rate of US $10 per one-way trip. 

Boat service after 8 pm will incur a US $20 after-hours boat charge.

Marina Cocibolca is a 10 minute taxi ride from the center of Granada (map and directions:

By car to Marina Cocibolca and everywhere else

We would be happy to arrange your transportation to many destinations throughout Nicaragua.

We evaluate each driver and vehicle in our transportation network to ensure a safe and comfortable experience so you can rest assured that each car or micro-bus is well maintained with working air-conditioners; and all drivers operate safely and expertly. Below are several common destinations and prices. Please let us know if there are any other locations with which we can assist.


A car can hold up to 3 passengers with minimal luggage. A micro-bus can take up to 8 passengers.

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